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President Emeritus: Jim Hennum: Not “Good-Bye” — but “Hasta la Vista!”

My fellow stargazers —

That time has come again — a changing of the guard. My time serving as president of SDAS is drawing to a close and a new era begins.

Kenneth Miller, whom many of you know, has been appointed by the board to step up to the position and will be presented for a confirmation vote by attending members in good standing at the May meeting.

I’ve known Kenneth for far more years than either one of us cares to mention and he is an impeccably qualified and accomplished astrologer and teacher as well as a former board member of SDAS. I am confident he will guide the organization to greater things in the future.

As you may also know, our former Vice President, Catherine Boyer, has moved to Florida. She misses the group a great deal and we miss her amazing skills, as well as her eternally optimistic and bright spirit.

Shawna McGrath has volunteered to step into the position of Vice President and the board was happy to appoint her. She, too, will be up for confirmation vote at the May Meeting. Shawna has already been working with Catherine to get up to speed and has a great talent for the technical aspects of keeping the organization running, not to mention her own standing as an accomplished astrologer.

It is a great comfort to me to know that I leave the administration of SDAS in such wonderfully capable hands.

Every single one of our other board members has performed so far above and beyond the call of duty over the past few years to keep the ship on course that words fail me. I cannot even begin to thank them for the steadfastness and support they gave me.

Simone Butler has been my stalwart, behind-the-scenes, General Extraordinaire, keeping me on task and reminding me of pending deadlines, while still fulfilling her own board duties. She has grown ever deeper in my heart and esteem.

Francesca Smith is a force of nature unto herself and amazingly has been producing the Uranian newsletter consistently for longer than I have even been on the board. I am constantly in awe of her talents.

Kathy Costello has maintained our financial records despite running her own full-time book-keeping business and being new to astrology in general. Her humor has been a balm to me through many difficult times in the past few years.

Last, and certainly, not least, Diana Irazoqui-Schaap has proven not only to be phenomenally brilliant with all things Internet but also an extraordinarily confident and capable board member who can take charge easily when needed. She is absolutely one of the young astrologers to watch as her star surely rises to great heights.

I started with SDAS at 28 as a relatively new astrologer standing in awe of luminaries like Robert Hand, Michael Lutin, and Noel Tyl. It is strange to be 61 now and to have become one of the “old guard.” Time marches on.

Never fear, I’m not leaving, you’ll still see me at meetings.

But I’ll be a lot calmer! :)

Jim Hennum

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