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Fri, Jan 12


San Diego

2024 Forecast: Your New Year Panel with the SDAS Board

๐ŸŒŸ Join us for a captivating glimpse into the future! ๐ŸŒŸ Dive into the cosmic waves of 2024 with a riveting Forecast presented by the San Diego Astrological Society's esteemed Board of Directors ๐ŸŒ .

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2024 Forecast: Your New Year Panel with the SDAS Board
2024 Forecast: Your New Year Panel with the SDAS Board

Time & Location

Jan 12, 2024, 7:30 PM โ€“ 9:45 PM

San Diego, 3900 Vermont St, San Diego, CA 92103, USA


About the event


🌟 Join us for a captivating glimpse into the future! 🌟 Dive into 2024 with a riveting Forecast presented by the San Diego Astrological Society's esteemed Board of Directors 🌠. This is your golden ticket to unravel the mysteries of the year ahead, seize the knowledge of major upcoming transits, and craft your roadmap to a year filled with success! 🌌🚀 #2024Forecast #CosmicInsights #SuccessPlanning

Panelists: Shawna McGrath, Anita Carter, and Kenneth Miller

🌌 Pluto's Cosmic Journey in 2024: Unmasking the Unconscious through Capricorn into Aquarius 🌠

🌟 Join us as we delve into the celestial dance of Pluto in 2024! Discover how this enigmatic planet's movement from Aquarius to Capricorn and back to Aquarius until 2044 can help us uncover the hidden realms of our psyche. Explore its impact on personal and collective unconscious patterns, crisis management, psychology, the occult, and spiritual practices. Learn how to harness Pluto's transformative energy to bring your unconscious into consciousness, paving the way for self-actualization and profound healing. 🌌🔮 #Astrology #PlutoTransit #SelfDiscovery

🌟 Unveiling 2024's Cosmic Drama: Mercury Retrogrades Galore! 🚀

🌠 Brace yourself for a year of celestial revelations! Dive into the cosmic journey of Mercury Retrogrades in 2024, where the mind, communication, and divination take center stage. 🧠โœ‰๏ธ These captivating periods offer fresh perspectives on thought processes and idea sharing. Discover what awaits you in each Mercury retrograde, learn how to harness its power, and supercharge your plans for a successful 2024! 🌌🔮 #MercuryRetrograde #CosmicInsights #2024SuccessPlan

The Meaning of Eclipses 2024

Eclipses happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up just right. Picture it as a dance in the sky involving these three, with the Moon's path crossing the Sun's trail at certain points called lunar nodes. Throughout history, people saw eclipses as powerful symbols, like cosmic messages predicting changes. Even today, they're seen as having a kind of personal impact. In 2024, we get two eclipse seasons, one in Spring and one in Fall.

In Spring, there's a Lunar Eclipse on March 25 at 5 degrees Libra and a Solar Eclipse on April 8 at 19 degrees Aries, affecting things like personal growth and relationships. Come Fall, we have another Lunar Eclipse on September 18 at 25 degrees Pisces and a Solar Eclipse on October 2 at 10 degrees Libra, nudging us to explore emotions, spirituality, and partnerships.

To make the most of these cosmic events, think of them as opportunities for personal growth rather than something to be afraid of. Expect changes in relationships or work and see them as chances to discover more about yourself. Take some time to reflect, set intentions, and be open to change, using it as a push to move forward in life. Identify the areas of your life that might see some shifts and actively work towards aligning with your goals, whether in relationships, career, or personal development. Instead of fearing the unknown during eclipse season, look forward to what's coming, trusting that these events are guiding you toward a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus: Harnessing the Power to Manifest

They say Jupiter brings opportunities and Saturn gives you the wherewithal to make use of those opportunities. But what happens when Uranus gets in the mix?

In this talk, we will explore how you can utilize all these influences to further your own goals, break free from what is holding you back, and seize your particular opportunity periods. You will also learn a unique way of understanding how to read outer planet transits in your chart.

Admission Members: $10 Guests: $15

Annual Membership with the San Diego Astrological Society is $35 ย Find out more about the benefits of Membership.

Parking Free parking in the underground parking garage with entrances next to Ralph's and Trader Joe's. Please do not park in the above-ground Ralph's parking lot as they strictly enforce their 2-hour limit.

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