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April Elliott Kent: Eclipses
Oct 10 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

April Elliott Kent

Living in Circles: Eclipses in the Natal Chart

It’s fashionable to fear eclipses. But when eclipses trigger sensitive points in your birth chart, it simply means that you’ve reached a crisis point. In some part of your life, change is imminent. You face a moment of truth, when something has to be left behind so that you can move toward a fresh future.

Most of us are not huge fans of change or of letting go, so you can see how eclipses got their nasty reputation. But not all crises are negative or tragic! In fact, they include life’s happiest moments, such as marriage, career success, or the birth of a child, when the landscape of your life is forever changed. Eclipses have something to tell us about joyous events, too.

As eclipses move through your birth chart and aspect natal planets, they describe where you’re currently most interesting — where you are confronting a developmental crisis. Which natal patterns currently demand your attention and willingness to change? When have you confronted similar challenges in the past —and how might you handle them more effectively in the present?

In this lecture, you’ll learn:

  • What transiting eclipses can tell you about the most sensitive aspects in your birth chart.
  • Why some eclipses seem to have little impact in your life while others deliver a knock-out punch.
  • Which past eclipses are directly connected with this month’s eclipses.

Join astrologer and author April Elliott Kent for an exploration of natal eclipse cycles, an overview of this month’s eclipses, and thoughts about what they’ll mean for you.

April Elliott Kent has been a professional astrologer since 1990. She is the author of Star Guide to Weddings (Llewellyn, 2008), The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology (Alpha/Penguin, 2011), and the upcoming Astrological Transits (Fair Winds/Quarto, 2015). April’s writing has also appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope Magazines and in Llewellyn’s Moon Sign, Sun Sign, and Sabbats annuals. She is SDAS’s Membership Director, a member of ISAR, and holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from SDSU. April served on the faculty of UAC 2012 and is a popular lecturer for astrology groups. Her website is

Rick Levine: Those Quixotic Quincunxes
Nov 14 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Rick Levine

They are one of the major aspects we all learn about when we start to study astrology and yet they remain one of the least understood aspects in general.  Join Rick Levine as he uncovers the meaning of these Quixotic Quincuxes.